I’ve worked with families in the following countries

I’ve helped families in 11countries.

I specialise in helping global families who are relocating. Having a base in London has given me the opportunity to work with students from many different countries and many different education systems.

Global families are often working within quite limited timeframes, so I can help create a highly individualised plan that will maximise such timelines.

My experience includes the following:

  • Strong familiarity with the 11+ and 13+ (British exams) and how they are similar/different to the Lower Level and Middle Level ISEE and Middle Level SSAT
  • Experience helping students contextualise the expectations of an American exam like the ISEE or SSAT
  • Experience in working with students from students following the national curricula in countries such as: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia, and South Africa
  • Short, intensive travel programs to work with families in New York, France, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Lebanon, and Australia.

Here’s an example of how this experience can help:

British exams are rarely multiple-choice. Harder questions are typically worth more points. A student educated in the British system is operating from the perspective that a harder question (worth more points or “marks”) deserves more time. For the QR section of the ISEE especially, this is exactly the wrong approach/mindset.

I am available for Skype programs globally, or blended programs which include in-person lessons and online lessons.